Make Your Next Shot Count!

Any hunter would love to have an encounter with bucks of this caliber. Very few people realize the time and effort that both hunter and outfitter must put together to harvest a free roaming fair-chase animal of mature stature.

The staff at Thunder Valley realizes the importance of your time, money and expectations, that’s why we place our hunters in low pressured, pre-scouted prime stand locations.

Without some restrictions and low impact hunting strategies, quality sheds would not be consistently found. If you are a serious Whitetail hunter in pursuit of a record class buck, look no further! There is no better area in North America for a realistic hunting oppurtunity. Let the professionals at Thunder Valley Outfitters put you as close as you may ever come to a record buck. Remember to enjoy your hunt in the great outdoors! You Bring the patience , we’ll do the rest!

The Harvest is just a bonus!